Numismatische Kring Rotterdam
Publicaties over middeleeuwse numismatiek
A Previously Unknown and Unpublished LeeuwengrootType
A Preliminary Look at the Gros au Lions of Brittany
A Preliminary Look at the Leeuwengroten of Louis of Mâle
Count of Flanders (1346-1384) : Issues I, II, III and IV
A Previously Unpublished Leeuwengroot of the Lordship of Rummen
The Leeuwengroten Types of Louis of Nevers, Count of Flanders(1322-1341): A  preliminary overview
Preliminary Look at the Leeuwengroten of the County of Holland Including the Fractional Coins
The Leeuwengroten in the Museum of Rotterdam
The Elusive Gros au Lion of Bergerac
The_Leeuwengroten_of_the_Zutphen_Hoard_Part 1 of 4
The_Leeuwengroten_of_the_Zutphen_Hoard_Part 2 of 4
The_Leeuwengroten_of_the_Zutphen_Hoard_Part 3 of 4
The_Leeuwengroten_of_the_Zutphen_Hoard_Part 4 of 4
Amersfoort Find 1991
Rotterdam Hoard 2005
A Preliminary Look at the Leeuwengroten of Louis of Mâle
(1346-1384): Issues IV and V
The Coins of the Staple Hoard - 2015
Les Monnaies du Trésor de Staple - 2015
Dokkum hoard -1932
Dokkum hoard - 1932  / Addenda & Errata
Sneek hoard - 1955 (Updated version September 2015)
The coins of the Albecq Hoard-1995 (Uptaded version March 2016)
The Flanders Hoard-1914
Munten uit de 16e eeuw gevonden in Rotterdam


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